Mexico 2017

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As an organization, the Social Network Art Competition-Expo (SNAC-expo) stands at the forefront of the limitless potential of our global social network and the cultural imperative of experiencing physical artwork. SNAC-expo holds national, web-based competitions that pool of artists’ works on a per country basis, and then opens the voting process to art enthusiasts from around the world, where they select the semi finalists to be juried by a premier panel of art curators. The final selection SNAC-expo award winners are then fully funded to promote, display and sell their artwork in select venues around the world.

In 2017 SNAC-expo partners together with Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco. Consulate General supports Mexican communities living in California and Hawaii, protects and defends their rights and promotes Mexican culture in the area. As a result of this close cooperation, we are happy to announce our new Art Competition 2017 – ‘Mexico in a blink’​.

Artist submissions for the Competition: SNAC-expo Mexico opens on June 1, 2017. Registration is free and open to all Mexican citizens (residing in Mexico or abroad) above the age of 18. The North American tour of the artwork begins in September 2017.

SNAC–expo art competition and tour is a great opportunity for artists to have their work expertly curated and exhibited throughout the US in different venues and promoted in our online store.

Congratulations to all who participated in our Mexico 2017 Art Competition!


Amate Ilusion – Luigi Barraza Cardenas
Center of my world (replacement) – Mauricio
Velo de Flores – Marina
Stray Dog. – Jesús Alejandro
I don´t want to, that´s why I don´t cry – Francisco
Even if its a little while, will work – Francisco
Not without my family – Oscar
Gemelas en transición – Stephany
Mr.Flowers – Uriel
Mirror – Lianne
Timekeeper – Lianne
Lucha Libre – Lianne
Ausente – Daniel
Futuristic Journey (Imix Origin) – Uriel
Ausente – Daniel
Ice Cream Butterfly – Uriel
Portrait of a Raramuri boy – Patricia Guzman
Ausente – Daniel
Genetic code – Katia
Nautilus – Teresa
Germinate – Teresa
Intuiton – Patricia Guzman
San Miguel de Allende – Carlos
Ninfa – Belen
Ausencia, 2016 – Martha
Big Hug – Alexander


Sunday at balneario mary – Emilio
Niño Volador de Papantla Veracruz – Fernando
Las Batallas – Ellezmery
Mujer de la región de Coatepec – Fernando
Obra III – Fernando
MINOTAURO – Filiberto
Ni un bocado más – Ellezmery
CLARIDAD – Filiberto
Desesperación – Cristina
Horror vacui. Para la buena suerte – Ellezmery
Fragmentacion mental – Cristina
Welcome – Teresa
Inner Truth – Patricia Guzman
Watching the Stars – Sandra
Adaptación – Cristina
El Monte – Carlos
El Gallo Rojo – Sandra
Ladrona – Belen
Frida Azul – Alma
Hera – Marina
Look inside – Oscar
Callejón de Galarza – Carlos
The kitchen – René
Paisaje Urbano – Enrique
Color Mazahua – Enrique
El diablito – Raul Alan
Clown to survive – Oscar
La Presa – Julio
La Bruja – Edgar Antonio
Sonic Pyramids – Rommel
Machos – Alexander
Borders of Identity – Aurora
Burning Dessert – Blanca
To your Memory – Héctor
Burning Queretaro – Maria del Pilar
Vasos con tequila – Eduardo
Don Aurelio – Edgar Antonio
auto destrucción – José Ricardo
Tapatio Dance 2017 – Javier
Tenochtitlan – Aurora
Diversidades – Luis
Amentia I – Regina
Fold, La Villita – Paola
1991-B – Aranza
Diagrama – Aranza
Rancho San Miguelito – María Cristina Patricia
Burning thoughts lit up her hair – Samantha
Xochimilco – Migdaled
Mexican beauty – Staphany
Neo-Barroquismo, La compañia – Paola
Silver Leaves – Maria del Pilar
Smiling Death – Antonio
Wake up beauty – Staphany
Escape – Isabel
Time Tunnel – Maria del Pilar
Rica Comida Mexicana – Ramona
Change in Hue – Luis
mexican tragicomedy – Raul Alan
Jarocha – Alma
Festive Skulls with Piñata – Antonio
El castigo de los Dioses – Marina
Idalia – Marina
Perilla no. 1 (Knob no.1) – Miguel Angel
Equilibrio – Isabel
Rancho San Miguelito – María Cristina Patricia
True savior – David
Pink – Albert
The great power – René
endeble – José Ricardo
Florecerán gardenias en el recuerdo de tu amor – Mónica

The participation in the SNAC-expo event is free and artists will be awarded:

1. Online Promotion
● All submissions will be displayed on the SNAC-expo online gallery.
● Artists will be promoted on a variety of prominent social networks.
● Semifinalists will be offered the opportunity to sell their awarded work on our online store.
● All submissions will be exposed to a possible audience of 500,000 art enthusiasts and
collectors through the help of our sponsors.
● Up to one Newsletter each month will feature the artists, the artwork and all exhibitions.
● International press and media coverage.

2. International Art Exhibition
● The top thirty awarded artworks will be physically displayed in venues across North America.
● Awarded artists will be honored internationally in an official ceremony.


● All artworks have to relate to the overall theme of the contest which is ‘Mexico in a blink’
● All Mexican citizens anywhere in the world, above the age 18, are eligible. Submit up to 3
pictures of your artwork (minimum 300 DPI)
● Artwork has to be your own creation
● Dimensions of work should not exceed: W 3ft, H 3ft, D 2’’
● For this expo we are only accepting contemporary visual two-dimensional art pieces (i.e. paintings, drawings, collages, mixed media, photographs, printable digital art etc)
● While we welcome provocative and controversial subject matter, the selection committee
will only qualify artwork that is topically appropriate
● Artist's biography/ artist's statement 200 words or less
● Artwork description, title, medium, year of creation
● Registration must be completed online before midnight of closing date