France 2016

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Artist: Patrick S. Naggar, French artist living and working in Paris.

SNAC-expo France 2016: Submissions are now closed.

This year theme for the competition is HERITAGE

Each event is great opportunity for French artists to see their work promoted globally and be exposed to more that 4 million art lovers, art professionals. An event comprises 3 main phases: The submission (artists submit their work), voting (the public votes on social media), and traveling exhibition (gallery tour) .

SNAC-expo France 2016 event Key dates
May 25th………….Registration starts
Jul 25th………….Voting starts
Aug 22nd………….Winners announced
Sep 15th………….30 Winning artworks ship to San Francisco
Sep 20th………….Install Artworks at Dryansky Gallery
Sep 22nd………….SNAC-expo France 2016 San Francisco Grand Opening
Oct 7th…………. Install Artworks at Dubey Residence
Oct 8th…………. Opening evening Dubey residence
Dec 15th………….Grand Opening in Los Angeles

SNAC-expo France 2016 Curators Board
Hanna Loue
Archana Dubey
Blanche Teston
Jilian Monribot
Kush Amerasinghe

Congratulations to all who participated in our France 2016 Art Competition!

l’elfe – Mathilde reboul
Golden Gate Bridge by night – Vannina malekzadeh
songi songi 1 – Claude koblan-huberson
S C O R P I N A – Elisabeth MATTEI
pour un baiser – Jeannette bunel
First candle – Stéphanie Kassigian
The Musical Wave – Alfred CASTET
First candle – Stéphanie Kassigian
Moon – Aurelien Moriniere
Lt – Angélique Ceccarello
Accrobate – Laurence Girerd
Le Commencement – agathe Jonneau
Les fleurs du mal. – Jean-Marie Donnart
ocean – Valérie ABADIE
totem – christophe berville
La petite porteuse d’histoire. – Gregory Dezir
Friche Urbaine – Christophe Coulon
Votive Rights – Jilian Monribot
Portes 2 – Fabienne Maroille
On the traces from the past 2 – Patrick Nagger
Ilana – Ronite portugais
Reminiscence – Cathy Schein
Cura̤ao wabi and flag РGiovani Zanolino
Portes 1 – Fabienne Maroille
looking back – Sam Guillemot
Claudine en passant – Laurie Breda
ça c’est Paris!!! – Jeannette bunel
Overcrowded III – Blanche Teston

The Red Sail – Alfred CASTET
C A S T A G N U – Elisabeth Mattei
Ce qui compte dans la vie, ce ne sont pas les cartes …. – Stéphanie Kassigian
Gains’bar – Alfred CASTET
C3PO – Vannina malekzadeh
Une part d’ombre – Stéphanie Kassigian
Camino viejo de Istán – Valérie ABADIE
Lt – Angélique Ceccarello
CLOWN – Laurence Girerd
the tree message – Valérie ABADIE
no title – Aurelien Moriniere
el gorrito (le petit chapeau) – Christophe Berville
Chhht – Aurelien Moriniere
L’Ouverture, acrylique au couteau – agathe Jonneau
Ld – Angélique Ceccarello
3 en ligne – Christophe Berville
Old Delhi … Silences – Christophe Coulon
Votive Knight-2015 – Jilian Monribot
Votive Right II-2016 – Jilian Monribot
Lucarne – Fabienne Maroille
Funambule – Laurence Girerd
Enflamme Le Jeu – Souliers Maxime
Grand-m̬re Maud Рantoine renault
Nichoir – Bernadette leclercq
Sa poule – Bernadette leclercq
Feuilles de noisetiers et plantes grimpantes – Hazelnut leaves and vines – Cathy Schein
Homme avec cravate – Philippe Zanolino
Marine leaning forward – Sylvie Guillot
Explicite – Philippe Zanolino
Ocean of Love – Philippe Zanolino
Cascade – Evy D’Orbo
Novembre – Christophe Coulon
Happy violin I – Patrick Cornee
Un regard. – Jean-Marie Donnart
On the traces from the past – Patrick Naggar
Let’s get the fuck out of here – Thierry bascoul
Getting Concrete – Evelyne Picard
She – Vannina malekzadeh
L’Autre monde, acrylique au couteau – agathe Jonneau
Masters at work Renoir – Giovani Zanolino
Baleines – Christine Mezard
After cremation – Nicolas Petit
Blanc – Claude Rabanit
Il etait une fois – Karen Horn
Clair obscur 9 – jean philippe boucher
Rousseur I – Marielle BEAUFILS
TANT VA LA CRUCHE – Xavier Bessiere
Dejeuner sur l’herbe – Xavier Bessiere
PF 5 – Giovani Zanolino
We”ll always have Paris – Sandrine Colson
Le refuge – paule Brun
Vert II – marielle Beaufils
naissance des fee – Mathilde reboul
Miles Davis – Sam Guillemot


Competition Guidelines for SNAC-expo France 2016:
  • Work of art promotion will start as soon as the artwork is approved
  • Reserved to artists of French nationality in possession of an official government issued document (“French Nationals”)
  • All French Nationals anywhere in the world, above the age 18, are eligible
  • Artists can upload up to 3 pictures of their artwork. Minimum 300 DPI (118 pixels/cm)
  • Artwork has to be an artist’s own creation
  • This year theme is Heritage*. Artwork should be illustrate the theme
  • Artwork should not be more than 4feet x4feet (122cmx122cm )
  • Only contemporary paintings, drawings, and multimedia will be accepted
  • While we encourage provocative and controversial subject matter, we will only qualify artwork that we find to be topically appropriate
  • Artists must submit an Artist's biography / Artist's statement of 200 words or less
  • Artists must include a description of the artwork (including Title and Medium) and an explanation of why it is related to the theme
  • Registration must be completed online before midnight (Pacific Standard Time) of closing date.
*Submitted art should illustrate the theme "Heritage" in an interpretative, abstract or figurative way. Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live in today, and what we pass on to future generations. It can be buildings, sites, archives, industrial, transportation, but also intangible heritage such as history, language or dialects.