Give the local artist a chance to be presented at an international competition of art Allow an artwork to be exhibited in a reputable gallery and international exhibition of art Give an artwork the chance to be exposed at galleries worldwide

Why contribute to SNAC-expo

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Artists are major contributors to society

27% of Americans feel that artists contribute to the general good of society, more than elected officials (26%) and athletes (18%).

  • There were 2,511,000 artists in the U.S., making up 16% of all employed civilians
  • 288,000 of U.S. artists are painters or sculptors and craft artists.
  • The majority of adults have been moved or inspired by art: painting, drawing, or photograph (80%); reading a novel or short story (76%); seeing a play (66%); or seeing a dance performance (58%).

Princeton university:
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

The vast majorities of exceptional artists are undiscovered and need to be connected to their public

Over 91% of all artists are completely undiscovered.

  • Although woman artists earn half of all Master’s of Fine Arts degrees, only a quarter of solo exhibitions in New York galleries feature women’s’ artwork, Women’s artwork makes up only 4% of all artwork exhibited in the Modern Art Section of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • 1.1% of all artists (i.e. “mainstream artists”) enjoy a disproportionately large percentage of web traffic, including 87.3% of Facebook page “likes” and 88.4% of artist Twitter followers.
  • 46% of people perceive the lives of artists to be more difficult than the lives of people outside the arts.

Princeton university:
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Digital Music:

SNAC-expo’s mission is to find and promote exceptional undiscovered artists

We already promoted 1200 artists from 3 countries, 60% are women and we need to do a lot more.

  • “To have the response that I did online was breathtaking. To have that then deemed worthy by the jurists was humbling. This push has moved me out of the revolving door of creating for myself and a select few and put me on a stage, albeit a small one. It is very easy to disagree; to have ‘points of view’; to have ‘an opinion’; to stand divided. But sharing art seems to supersede all that. It somehow miraculously bridges. It allows for comment, for sharing thoughts, for discussion and enjoyment; for introspection, rather than discord. This is why your organization is extraordinary, and to be a part of this in a small way is an honor.”
    Artist: Haia Hason, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
  • “SNAC-expo gave me, as an artist, the opportunity to represent my country, with culture and art. The opening night at ZK Gallery in San Francisco was a great opening for a whole year of exposure.SNAC-expo is an organized, professional and friendly organization. They are giving us, the artists, exposure and a path of Expression.”
    Artist: Sagi Erez, San Jose, California, U.S.A.
  • “… the idea of social vote is brilliant. I think that so often the work gets rejected based on the personal taste of the judge, but when the work gets viewed by thousands of objective people you get a fair chance to get accepted. And third, the idea of multi-gallery exhibition is brilliant- it gives your work a chance to be viewed in different settings and by different groups of people multiplying its chances to find the right audience. I am absolutely blessed to be part of this experience. ”
    Artist: Evgenia Espinoza, Madrid, Spain
  • “I have the best impression from SNAC-expo. Everyone is very kind, friendly and professional. Everything is organized, I feel really lucky to be a part from a great project.”
    Artist: Shmuel Hagag, Natanya, Israel
  • “SNAC-ECPO was a wonderful Chance to show my art to new crowds in the US, In a series of exhibitions,
    That was organized by a great team that is also very responsive and professional.”

    Artist: Eyal Segal, Israel

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