Reminiscence – FRA16028 – Cathy Schein

Reminiscence – FRA16028 – Cathy Schein
  • Reminiscence – FRA16028 – Cathy Schein Reminiscence – FRA16028 – Cathy Schein


Charcoal, Ink, Paint, Paper


( Serie “Reminiscences” )
Inspired by the walls of the monk cells of Vertheuil-en-Médoc Abbey.
This work is created from collages of tapestry strips collected off the ground of the Abbey. The series was exhibited in 2015 on the walls of the Abbey, a historic monument.


Painter and Visual Artist, born in Vietnam, lives and works in Bordeaux, France. "In the search for refinement, she found her way. Collage, cutting, assemblage of a diverse mix of materials: washi paper, silk paper, bamboo leaves, wrapping paper, flocked foam, combined with India ink are privileged but non-exhaustive tools… From some materials and a little bit of ink, images emerge, sometimes symbols, childhood memories from Vietnam, but also punctuated with her adult daydreaming in the West. She loves working beyond the canvas, in volume or for installations, and also collaborating with writers, poets, actors, musicians, dancers and choreographers… In her art and her life, she loves to meet and come as close as possible to our humanity with her creations. Drawn by realistic inspiration —nature remains nonetheless her primary source of inspiration—her works escape towards other universes: In these airspaces, beyond all clichés, from the East or from the West, she meets regularly her audience simply to share the joy of being…" Extracts from Press Articles.

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