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The Social Network Art Competition (SNAC-expo) unites the world one community at a time, by finding and promoting exceptional undiscovered artists, through curated online art competitions and exhibitions globally.

Artists from around the globe submit images of their artwork on our website to participate in a competition. Each art competition is voted upon democratically through social networks and then expertly curated by two curating boards—a Local Board that is versed in the featured community or culture, and an International Board that includes contemporary art experts from various countries.

Awarded Finalist and Semi-finalist artwork is sold in our eBay store through our online gallery. The finalists are featured in a global, traveling exhibition.  Net proceeds are reinvested in the artists and their communities, promoting economic opportunity, generating positive sustainable change and preserving the cultural capital.

SNAC-expo has re-imagined the way Contemporary Fine Art is identified, promoted and sold. We connect individuals and cultures through the power of art by leveraging innovative technologies, social media, and the experience of physical galleries.

World-renowned artists, Ali Meamar and Guy Clément Cohen, founded The Social Network Art Competition in 2012. Guy, the CEO of SNAC-expo, studied Electrical Engineering at MIT and Business at Boston University before a 35-year career with Hewlett Packard. He left hp in 2007, attended art school to reconnect with his artistic passion, and quickly became an internationally recognized sculptor. He created SNAC-expo by merging his technical, business and art experience with the vision of uniting the world one art community at a time.

SNAC-expo has run 3 very successful art events in Iran, The Ukraine, and Israel.  That includes the artist diaspora for each country.

Over 300,000 people from over 93 countries have viewed, voted, shared and supported SNAC-expo artwork over the past 3 years.

For the past three events, more than 600 artists have submitted nearly 2,200 extraordinary pieces of artwork have collected over 27,000 online votes across 9 different social networks.  Approximately 60% of participating artists have been women.

Artists’ Testimonies

GREAT GREAT work Guy, congratulations for having invested so much of your self. We congratulate each member of your wonderful team as well as our hosts that we will also thank  through our social networks. Could we please have some pictures that were taken during the evening so we can share and promote the value of SNAC expo. et the members who make this sharing over the Atlantic possible.

My sister was really pleased to meet  you in Atherton

Elisabeth MATTEI 

Dear SNAC-expo staff,
By these few words I would like to thank you for offering to our artworks this wonderful californian tour.

Please accept all my gratitude. I know how it needs energy to organize an exhibition and much for a travelling exhibition.

Thank you to all of you for giving us your precious time.

Cathy Schein

” SNAC-EXPO brings serious help to artists, without distinction, unlike other unscrupulous competitions. The team is responsive and the welcome is warm and very professional. So i sincerely thank you for your commitment plainly and for the international visibility given to the work of the selected artists ! ”

Fikas (French artist )

 “SNAC-expo is a new and exciting experience to me.  It is a part of the global world of today and tomorrow, and a meeting point with art – which is timeless.”

– Eyal Segal, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

“To have the response that I did online was breathtaking. To have that then deemed worthy by the jurists was humbling. This push has moved me out of the revolving door of creating for myself and a select few and put me on a stage, albeit a small one.
It is very easy to disagree; to have ‘points of view’; to have ‘an opinion’; to stand divided. But sharing art seems to supersede all that. It somehow miraculously bridges. It allows for comment, for sharing thoughts, for discussion and enjoyment; for introspection, rather than discord.
This is why your organization is extraordinary, and to be a part of this in a small way is an honor.”

– Haia Hason, Thornhill, Ontario, CA

“SNAC-expo gave me, as an artist, the opportunity to represent my country, with culture and art.
The opening night at ZK Gallery in San Francisco was a great opening for a whole year of exposure.

SNAC-expo is an organized, professional and friendly organization.
They are giving us, the artists, exposure and a path of Expression.”

– Sagi Erez, San Jose, U.S.A.

“I have the best impression from SNAC-expo. Everyone is very kind, friendly and professional. Everything is organized, I feel really lucky to be a part from a great project.”

– Shmuel Hagag, Natanya, Israel 

“My experience with SNAC was completely different from all the other competitions I applied for, and in a good way First of all, the application was free, which is a relief for any artist who is just starting to make her path in the art world. You may apply to couple of competitions a month and that takes a toll on your finances. Second, the idea of social vote is brilliant. I think that so often the work gets rejected based on the personal taste of the judge, but when the work gets viewed by thousands of objective people you get a fair chance to get accepted. And third, the idea of multi-gallery exhibition is brilliant- it gives your work a chance to be viewed in different settings and by different groups of people multiplying
its chances to find the right audience. I am absolutely blessed to be part of this experience. ”

 – Evgenia Espinoza, Madrid, Spain

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